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Modern Therapy has been providing patients with Testosterone Treatment, Human Growth Hormone Therapy, HCG Injections, Andropause Treatment, and Menopause Treatment for over 20 years.

Our Mayo Clinic® Trained physicians take their time to carefully listen to you and treat your symptoms with a holistic approach and provide preventative care to help fight the signs of aging. Healthy and youthful aging is possible with us. Using age management medicine, anti-aging treatments, and supplements, nutrition, fitness, and hormone optimization with bio-identical hormones, our anti-aging physicians put you back on track to living a healthy, vibrant lifestyle.

With over 20,000 patients served nationwide, our medical professionals can provide you with the best service, comprehensive anti-aging treatment programs, and pricing for hormone medications like testosterone, HCG, and HGH.

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Our board-certified physicians are Cenegenics®, Mayo Clinic®, and Cleveland Clinic® trained in bio-identical hormone optimization, age management treatments, anti-aging medicine, and male hormone therapy.

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