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Andropause Low Testosterone Therapy
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With age, the production of hormones may decline; showing signs of aging, lowering energy levels, and causing the onset of Andropause. The hormone replacement therapy by Modern Therapy is specially engineered and formulated to reverse these changes due to gaining years by targeting hormone deficiency and enhancing our body’s immune system.

Andropause can be treated with Modern Therapy’s Testosterone Injections, Creams, Gels or Patches that help Men with Low T.

Andropause, hypogonadism, or better known as male menopause is the set of health changes that occur among the middle-aged and aging men. Although it has some similarities to menopause in women, Andropause is a gradual process that culminates in low testosterone levels which adversely affects men’s health, sex drive, muscles bones, relationships, sleep, attitude, and mood.

Andropause works as a slow but steady decrease in natural testosterone production. Both androgens testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone become so low that the health consequences require hormone replacement therapy. During this condition, the pituitary gland, the hormone receptors, the stimulating hormones, and the Leydig cells in the man’s testes no longer function as efficiently to maintain normal levels of testosterone circulating in a man’s bloodstream.